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A system adapted to the industry

Ørn Uni simplifies day-to-day facility and property administration by transforming cumbersome, manual and paper-based processes into digital, automatic and easy ones

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Our customers see the big picture

Automating, simplifying and digitalisation of FM tasks

Facility Management made easy

Uni Eiendom is our module for financial and administrative tasks. It is a tailor-made solution which covers the broad range of work processes that facility management entails.

Keeping tabs on everything

The module Uni Eiendom 24 takes care of all the tasks that pertain to facility operations and maintenance and is made to make this simpler and more efficient.


With uniAlltid all tenants can use our self-service solutions. With uniAlltid you get a 24 hour sale and service channel where tenants can handle all aspects of their tenancy electronically.


With online signatures you simplify the house leasing process, since the customers can sign the documents wherever they may be located.

Digital building plans

With our services for building plans, you can make building plans easily accessible for tenants, contractors and employees involved in property management, property leasing, operations and cleaning.

Fire safety management

We have made it easy to maintain updated information for fire safety purposes. This solution includes features for planning and executing fire drills.

Uni – tailor-made for Property Management

Uni is tailor-made for the financial and administrative sides of property management and simplifies the handling of tenancies from beginning to end, from application to termination.
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Implementing Uni in your organisation

Introducing a new, digital system might well be met with resistance and scepticism in an organisation where phone calls, Post-it notes and paper list have been the favoured working methods. If you handle this the right way, however, introducing an FM system should go smoothly.
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Self-service when moving in

Digital keys are becoming increasingly more common in property management. This easier, more effective way of handling keys opens up for a much greater flexibility, both for the letting company and for the tenants.
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Frost Eiendom became more efficient

“We chose an integrated solution from Ørn because this system gives us far more opportunities for digitalising previously manual processes.”

Rigmor Frost
CEO, Frost Eiendom

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this an all-in-one solution?

This is a one-stop-shop-solution for commercial and residential letting. We have developed a specialised piece of software that caters to all the needs of property managers. With tailor-made solutions for all the different user groups in your organisation, this lays the foundation for better interaction and more efficient operations.

Is this a cloud-based service?

The Uni-solutions are of a hybrid nature. The basic module runs locally, on the client’s server or a hosted server, as a client/server-application with a Windows-interface. The solutions for customer self-service, operations and maintenance, however, are cloud-based and operated through Microsoft Azure.

Is there a demo version that we can try?

We are more than happy to demonstrate the product, either via Skype or or by coming to you. To fully grasp what our products can do for you, we suggest that we go through the solutions together with you.

Is there an app?

Both uniAlltid, our self-service solution, and Uni Eiendom 24, which is for operations and maintenance tasks, are both solid and very user-friendly apps.

Can we integrate it with other systems?

Yes, you can. We can export to most ERP-systems that are currently available in the Norwegian market.

Does it take long to get it up and running?

As soon as you have ordered our software, we will set up a meeting with one of our project managers. Together, you will agree on a timeline for implementation. We focus on anchoring, user participation and adequate training.

Feel free to contact me!

Do you have any questions, or do you want to try a demo version? Just contact me, and I will respond as soon as possible.

Hasse Krystad

Account Manager