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Digital operation of property

Eagle ServiceBook is the tool that makes you proactive and efficient. On 1-2-3 you will get an overview and control of your buildings, objects, activities and irregularities. Everything is thoroughly documented, which provides valuable history.

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Our customers see the bigger picture

Useful features simplify your everyday life

Good overview

In ServiceBook, it is easy to build a good and tidy structure for buildings and objects. Information about objects is easily accessible.

Plan for productive monitoring

ServiceBook is an efficient tool for planning, monitoring and performing all types of checks. Custom checklists ensure good quality and thorough reports.

Register irregularities quickly and efficiently

Register irregularities and documents with text, photos and film. Assign tasks to internal or external resources. All parties involved are kept up to date via SMS and Email.

Always access to history and documentation

All activities related to checks and irregularities are logged and documented so that you get a full overview of status and history.

Integration with Visma.net

When integrating with Visma.net, you will get a system that facilitates increased efficiency through digitalisation and automation of business processes.

Adapted to supervision

Easy display of performed and planned inspections and follow-up of irregularities in accordance with applicable regulations.

ServiceBook is easy to use

ServiceBook is designed in a way that you can easily and efficiently document your work, perform checks and report irregularities from the platform you actually use at any time - mobile device, tablet or PC.
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What is ServiceBook?

ServiceBook is a web solution that helps you to become more proactive and have an overview of all statutory checks and follow-up of irregularities in buildings and objects.
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4 tips for efficient digital real estate management

In this blog post, you will find four quick tips on how to practice digital real estate management in the best way possible.
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A total overview is important!

"An overview and control of the entire facility is very important. We detect errors before things go wrong, and using the system saves us a lot of time."

Rune Belgen
Technical internal control, Sykehuset Østfold

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you help us with basic data and object structure?

We are happy to do that! We start all new implementations with a start-up meeting and a workshop. Our consultants have solid experience with implementation from most industries, and we have several templates for basic data that can be used.

Is it difficult to use?

With ServiceBook you are done in 1-2-3! It is a cloud-based system and you get online access. It is easy to enter basic data manually or by imports. You can quickly get started with checks and non-conformance reports.

Is there an app?

View ServiceBook is not dependent on a platform - it uses a fixed URL. You can therefore use all types of desktop and mobile devices. No installation is required, you only need a browser and internet access.

Can we integrate with other systems?

ServiceBook has several APIs and integrations. Among others, ServiceBook is integrated with Visma.net.

Is ServiceBook a cloud service?

ServiceBook is delivered as a SaaS solution in the cloud. This is highly cost effective, and users do not have to think about servers, upgrades, backups and so on.

Do you provide system training/workshops?

Yes, we provide training of super users and end users in the implementation phase. We recommend workshops where you work with specific data.

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Do you have any questions or do you need access to a demo? Get in touch with me and I will get in touch as soon as possible.

Magnus Wister Elden

Account Manager