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A full overview of your equipment

Maintenance is a user-friendly system for industrial maintenance. The fact that it is standardised makes it easy to implement, so that you quickly get up to speed with your maintenance tasks.

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Our clients see the big picture

An intuitive maintenance system

The user is put front and centre

Maintenance is an intuitive and simple programme. It follows industry standards, which makes it easy to set up.

Document where you are

Maintenance is made to work equally well on all platforms. You solve the problem where you are, and it is very easy to report problems.

A feature-rich system

Features like round lists, work orders, fault reporting, history, messaging and more make Maintenance a very user-friendly and complete maintenance system.

Checklists make your day easier

Checklists makes it possible to execute daily and weekly routines, which makes it easy to spot irregularities at an early stage. With checklists one can organise customers in a sensible way for more efficient registering of different inspection rounds.

Efficient and functional documentation

Connect all relevant documents to both objects and work order. This makes the documentation available where you are, such as user manuals or service reports from external contractors.

It's in the cloud

Maintenance is delivered as a cloud-based SaaS solution. This is very cost efficient, and users don’t have to worry about servers, upgrades, backup and so on.

Maintenance – developed together with our clients

Maintenance has been developed for over 30 years, from using floppy disks via CD-ROMs to now being cloud-based. This journey had not been possible without a close involvement from and cooperation with our clients. This has given us a unique understanding of their demands and needs.
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Maintenance provides you with user-friendly maintenance solutions

Every day Maintenance provides all our clients with a much firmer grip on all maintenance tasks. This gives them improved productivity, increased equipment longevity and reduced maintenance costs.
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The reason Ørn is building its maintenance solutions with an open API

APIs have become an increasingly important part of today’s IT systems. In the time to come, using an API might actually decide whether you have a competitive edge or are being left behind!
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We make your workday easier

Maintenance is a user-friendly system. It is built around easily implementable standards, so that you quickly get up to speed with your maintenance tasks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you help us with basic data and object structure?

Gladly! We start all new implementation with a meeting with a workshop. Our consultants have a broad experience implementing for most industries, and we have several data templates that can be used.

How much work does the implementation involve?

Maintenance is a standard system that is easy to implement. We use templates for data collection that provides the software with the necessary data, which makes the process much easier. 3 to 5 days of implementation is usually sufficient, including training for super users and end users.

Is it easy to use?

We work every day to improve the user experience and to simply the software. Maintenance is made with the end user in mind, so that it is easy to document one’s work or report problems from a phone, a tablet or a computer.

How much does it cost to use Maintenance?

Maintenance is a Software as a Service solution (SaaS). It is available at different levels, and you only have to pay a fixed, monthly fee.

Is there an app?

Maintenance is platform independent and uses a fixed URL. You may therefore use all kinds of desktop and mobile devices. No installation is necessary, you only need a web browser and internet access.

Can we integrate with other systems?

Yes. View Maintenance is delivered with an open API, which makes it possible to communicate with other systems and services.

Feel free to contact me!

Do you have any questions, or do you want to try a demo version? Just contact me, and I will respond as soon as possible.

Erik Egeberg

Senior Account Manager