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Facility Management for Everyone!

MainManager gives you the ability to manage energy use, land management, operation and maintenance, help desk, projects, finance and history. All in one program.

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Our customers see the bigger picture

A smooth and flexible system

Digital Handover of BIM

By uploading BIM in our software, you can create buildings, floors and rooms as well as technical systems. You can use the 3D models to get a more visual overview of tasks and objects.

Interactive 2D Drawings

Use 2D drawings to visualise your work and find assets. Clarity and color codes help you organise, prioritise and monitor the status of the tasks in your building.

Scan Codes for Quick Access

Use your phone to access information and registration of events or assets. Use existing barcodes or QR codes, or add your own, for easy access.

Efficient communication

Our user-friendly chat gives you the opportunity to communicate with employees and stakeholders, and it gives you the chance to manage the communication without having to leave the app.


Use our standard APIs and integration for fast and secure data transfer to and from other systems.

Quick overview

The GIS map solution allows you to see your properties and tasks from a bird's eye view. You can improve your planning and get quick access to the information you need.

What Are the Benefits of a Facility Management System?

In order for a building to function optimally and to have a long lasting service life, continuous management, operation and maintenance is required. The more specialised or complicated a building is, the greater the demands placed on knowledge of the building is - knowledge of how it is constructed and of its technical systems.
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Documentations Is a Key Part of Real Estate Management

Documentations are a key part of real estate management. Some documentations are required by law, which you must have access to in your building, while other documentations are helpful to have.
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Reduces the Number of Emails and Phone Calls

Some messages are often lost in a busy workday, with many parties having to communicate with each other, both in the office and in the field. The issue with this is that the communication is not registered and processed in a proper way, and the communication becomes “person-dependent”.
(blog in Norwegian)

Increased efficiency

The use of MainManager has been shown to result in a 10-30% reduction in operating costs, which results in increased efficiency in work practices, methods and processes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the system standardised?

It's entirely up to you. You can specify your own classification system for technical building systems, such as ventilation or lifts, or choose from national standards. You can then use the layout to create checklists and standard operational tasks, which then form the basis of the operating plan and apply it to all your buildings and technical systems.

Do you have a budget management tool?

MainManager offers a comprehensive budget management tool for easier planning and distribution of operating costs, along with an overview of the maintenance budgets of real estate portfolios and organisational departments. Budget costs for each building, sector or area, can be defined.

Can we receive invoices?

MainManager can receive and handle electronic invoices. You can allocate and manage costs across portfolios, properties, purchase orders and finance divisions, before approving the invoice, and send the approved invoice to the financial system for payment.

Do you have Single-Sign-On?

Yes! MainManager supports Single Sign-On via SAML and AD for easier control of employees' system access.

Can we build our own structure?

Yes. You can build your own organisational structure with your service partners and customers. This module contains the key to all of your users and user history.

What about Energy Management?

MainManager provides you with an overview of your energy consumption in all of your buildings. It supports energy-areas and uses virtual measures.

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