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A Digital Aquaculture Platform

InControl is a complete and web-based internal control system with modules adapted to various companies in the aquaculture industry.

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Everything you need in one solution

A flexible dashboard solution

With all the information assembled in one platform, you always have control. Check the weather forecast, status of irregularities, checklists and see what tasks are due.

Operation and maintenance

Plan and document daily routines, maintenance and service of equipment, nets and moorings. You can generate checklists and service logs, and set up alerts.

Update procedures smoothly

Get an overview of all procedures, organise, search and change procedures in an effortless way. Invite employees to read and confirm that the procedure has been read and understood.

Simple reporting of irregularities

Clear and simple registration and monitoring of irregularities. Use your mobile for quick registration.

Accessible risk assessment

Assess risk and organise the risk analyses in one place.

Take photos of irregularities

Use InControl from your mobile, and register irregularities when they are detected.

Save time!

InControl is available on both PC and mobile phone. You can work from anywhere and whenever it suits you. When you use InControl on your mobile device, you can register irregularities as soon as they are detected.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you help us with basic data and object structure?

We are happy to do that! We start all new implementations with a start-up meeting and a workshop. Our consultants have solid experience with implementation from most industries, and we have several templates for basic data that can be used.

Is it complicated to implement the system?

InControl is a standard system that is easy to implement. We use import templates to provide the software with basic data. This simplifies a lot of the work. For most people, 3 to 5 days of implementation, including training for superusers and end users, will be sufficient enough.

Is it easy to use?

We work every day for a better user experience, and to simplify the software. InControl is created focusing on the end user being able to easily document their work, or report irregularities, from their mobile device, tablet or PC.

How much does it cost to use InControl?

InControl is a Software as a Service solution (SaaS). The solution is available in several levels, and there is only a fixed monthly subscription fee.

Is there an App?

InControl is not dependent on a platform, and uses a fixed URL. You can therefore use all types of desktop and mobile devices. No installation is required, you only need a browser and internet access.

Can we integrate InControl with other systems?

Yes! InControl comes with an open API, which allows us to communicate with other systems and services.

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Kenneth Egil Bjørbæk-Standal
Account Manager