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Gain control over your energy consumption

The energy monitoring system that creates action. From confusing to simple. From irregularity to order.

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Energy 5 reasons why

Data collection

Collect data in the way you prefer. With Energy you can collect data through an app by scanning a QR code, via integrations, by Excel imports, or directly in the system.


By looking at history from previous measurements, you can create a forecast. You can create a forecast based on energy index values ​​obtained directly from SMHI (Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute). The forecast can subsequently be adjusted based on set energy measures, experience and the property's planned needs.

Contract management

Contract management is a stand-alone and complete function for unique energy contracts as well as other types of contracts. Key figures for fixed and variable costs as well as emission factors can easily be linked and entered into the contract.


The energy contracts can be linked to measurement points and key figures which, with a forecast, generate a budget basis without any additional administrative work.


The monitoring consists of an overview, a comparison of properties and a report section. These three give you the best basis for correct monitoring of set goals and requirements.

What is an energy and environmental monitoring system?

An energy and environmental monitoring system (EEMS) - which is currently most commonly referred to as an energy monitoring system (EMS) - has a number of smart functions for monitoring energy and water consumption in commercial and industrial buildings.
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How to use an energy and environmental monitoring system - in 2025

Let’s take a look into our crystal ball and reflect a bit on how we will use an EEMS in five years.
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How are we going to save energy in the future?

The future solutions lie in having better control and overview. We will need systems that ensure predictability, and that have a flexibility to adapt to the conditions and variables that exist at any given time.
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A simplified tool for monitoring

Our digital solutions are designed to simplify and streamline your everyday life, regardless of whether you have an administrative or technical role. Energy is a tool for those who want efficient energy monitoring.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Energy for?

Energy is a flexible system that can be easily adapted to different industries and which is just as suitable for real estate management and operations as for industry.

How is the data collected?

The data is collected in four different ways. Mobile collection via app, automatic collection through integration through SCADA system, Excel import, or directly in the application.

Does the system provide contract management?

Yes, this is a stand-alone module that keeps track of the start and end dates of your contracts, when they should be renewed or terminated, and when you should start a new negotiation on an existing contract.

Does the system have budget management?

Yes. The budget module is used to easily calculate future costs. It is possible to set up several budgets for the same year, which means that you can use periodic budgets.

How much data can the system handle?

Energy handles large amounts of data at all times, which both simplifies and automates time-consuming tasks.

Is the system flexible?

Yes. Based on a basic structure, it is possible to tailor a set of rules. This makes it possible to insert as many levels as you need, without losing track.

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