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Industrial Maintenance

Our tools for industrial maintenance help digitalise the maintenance programme, increase uptime and lengthen equipment lifespan.

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Our clients see the big picture

This is why Industrial Maintenance is important

Good health

This will ensure that machines, equipment and facilities are healthy throughout the entire lifespan.

Improved precautions

This is to prevent errors and injuries that can lead to health and safety issues, production stoppages, reduced output, quality problems and extra costs.

First class documentation

Documentation of maintenance carried out also allows for improved measuring of effects.

Improved planning

You will be able to plan all maintenance tasks and be able to carry them out.

Economic control

You must be able to document costs related to maintenance. This provides documentation wich displays that maintenance management improves the bottom line.

Correct competence

You can ensure having the right competence in your organisation.

The advantages of a cloud-based maintenance system

With a cloud-based maintenance system you only need an internet connection to be able to work. The system is available from anywhere in the world, as long as you have access to a PC, a mobile phone or a tablet.
(blog written in Norwegian)

What is digital maintenance?

Maintenance is being increasingly digitalised, and the development is happening at lightning speed. We talk a lot about Industry 4.0, but now Maintenance 4.0! is here! Also known as digital maintenance management.
(blog written in Norwegian)

What is maintenance management?

The main purpose of maintenance management is increased regularity, a balanced expenditure and a reduction of risk.
(blog written in Norwegian)

From binders to a full overview

It is hard to say how much we have saved by using Maintenance, but it amounts to several millions. Maybe tens of millions. That is something both the owners and I are quite pleased with!

Clas Herland
Purchasing Manager, Lundhs


Maintenance gives you improved control over all maintenance tasks, and in most cases you will see increased productivity and equipment longevity in only 90 days.

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Do you have any questions, or do you want to try a demo version? Just contact me, and I will respond as soon as possible.

Erik Egeberg

Senior Account Manager