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Facility and Property Management

Our solutions already help digitalise and simplify tasks for real estate companies all across Norway and will help you maximise operational efficiency.

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Our clients see the big picture

This is why you need a Facility Management system!

One-stop-shop solution

All communication is done at the same place, regardless of where the issue comes from. All parties can communicate with each other, regardless of whether the resources are internal or external. They may also communicate directly with clients.

Increased efficiency

Eliminate manual processes like random phone calls, Post it-notes and the like. Here, you have all updated information available. This means that you can save up to 15 to 20 % in costs!

Good documentation

With real estate comes large amounts of documentation which needs to be managed. With a good FM system, this information is both easy to find and to maintain. This ensures good information access for all users.

One place to update information

Data is collected at one place and then used throughout the system. This means that all information is easy to maintain, and you can avoid multiple data entries.

A good basis for decision-making

To have a complete overview over all the activity in your real estate portfolio can quickly provide you with a good grasp of the situation. It also makes you capable of making a good, data-based decision.

Total control

A good FM system ensures that you are always up to speed with current laws and regulations, as well as other necessary tasks. You will also have a full overview if supervising authorities or others should come by.

What are the advantages with having a FM system?

Optimal operations and maximum lifespan requires continual maintenance and repairs.
(blog written in Norwegian)

Digitalisation makes your working days easier

One of the main reasons that more and more companies choose to digitalise property management is that it helps both management and operations with getting things done in an easier and more efficient way.
(blog written in Norwegian)

Requirements for internal control

Every day there are hundreds of people in the buildings that you are responsible for. To ensure everyone’s safety, you must focus on property security.
(blog written in Norwegian)

Frost Eiendom became more efficient

“We chose an integrated solution from Ørn because this system gives us far more opportunities for digitalising previously manual processes.”
Rigmor Frost
CEO, Frost Eiendom


Digitalise real estate operations and inspection. Easy to get started. Easy to use.


One-stop-shop solution for commercial and residential property management. The most complete solution within the field of facility and property management.

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A facility management system for all.

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