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Energy and Environmental Management

Our automatised tools help reduce your environmental footprint and optimise energy consumption, as well as reducing reporting costs related to energy consumption.

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Our clients see the big picture

This is why you need an energy and environmental management system

Required ESG reporting

Companies with concrete sustainability goals will enjoy a greater and more long-term value creation, as well as meeting EU requirements.

Stricter regulations and demands

Stricter demands regarding energy consumption in properties and facilities increases the need for software that measures, controls and generates correct reports.

Reduced capital costs

Full documentation in compliance with ESG conditions can help you reduce capital costs.

Great savings

You can benefit from great savings by both reducing energy consumption and waste. The right software is key to achieving this.

A clear environmental profile

Your customers, your employees and your investors will see that you have a clear environmental profile.

Financial predictability

Even though day-to-day operations are not based on hourly or daily data, historical data will be able to say something about your costs, since you will know the power usage from the year before. In this way you can take measures that for example can reduce consump by 5% compared to the year before.

Make the energy consumption more predictable

As with most office buildings, your buildings will also be billed for maximum demand, that is your maximum electricity consumption or your peak power demand.
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What is an environmental management system?

An environmental management system (EMS) – nowadays often referred to as an energy management system – includes several smart functions to supervise energy- and water consumption in commercial and industrial properties.
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Get a grip on energy costs

If you are responsible for the company’s finances, the ultimate goal is of course to reduce expenses as much as possible. As far as energy cost goes, the challenges usually relate to billing and energy contracts.
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This is why your environmental footprint is important

In this e-book we take a closer look at how next generation environmental management systems solve these problems, and what value this creates for both owners and operators.
(ebook written in Norwegian)

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Optima gives you a total overview as regards energy, environment, waste and related costs.


View Energy is a cloud-based energy maintenance system which makes your workflow easier, more automatic and more effective.

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