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Digitalise and get the full overview!

Aquaculture is one of the country’s most important industries and it is followed closely by both press and the authorities. The industry experiences steadily increasing demands for documentation concerning all aspects of operations.

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Our clients see the big picture

This is why you need a digital system

Government requirements

There is a steady increase in requirements regarding everything relating to maintenance and security.

Efficient risk assessment

A complete overview of high risk tasks that demand special precautions.

Improved security management

An overview over all security measures, which in turn will help avoid or reduce accidents.

A full control on documentation

A complete overview of maintenance tasks, equipment and facilities. Thus, you are always ready for audit, with only a few keystrokes needed.

A better overview

With all information in one place, you will always be in full control. Check the weather forecasts, status updates, checklists and see which tasks that need to be performed.

Overview over technical information

You will be given an overview over technical information related to machines and equipment with pertaining documentation and history.

We needed a maintenance system!

"We used to be lagging behind, but with Maintenance we are always one step ahead. That saves us a lot of money!"

Tommy Olsen
Technical Manager, Sundsfjord Smolt

Do we need a security assessment?

The Norwegian Maritime Authority annually report.

The Norwegian Maritime Authority annually carries out a risk assessment related to accidents on Norwegian registered vessels, where they choose to focus specifically on an area they mean is important to reduce the risk of accidents.

Download the 2018 report


A complete, internet based internal control system with modules tailor-made for all the different aspects of the aquaculture industry.


Maintenance gives you improved control over all maintenance tasks, and in most cases you will see increased productivity and equipment longevity in only 90 days.

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Kenneth Egil Bjørbæk-Standal
Account Manager